5 Reasons to Have Dueling Pianos For Corporate Events

Are you organizing a corporate event?

Perhaps you want to incorporate some entertainment to keep the guests from feeling bored throughout the business presentations and discussions.

You may have thought of the usual entertainment options like games, music, and activities. However, hiring a Dueling Pianos For Corporate Events is a better choice as they combine quality music and fun in one package.

Dueling Pianos are live performances with two or more pianists playing at once or alternately on stage. And they don’t just focus on the music because they also promise other perks for your corporate gathering.

Unseen Perks of Hiring Dueling Pianos for Your Corporate Event

5 reasons to have dueling pianos for corporate events

Play Classy Music Pieces

Dueling pianists are professional musicians that can play high-quality music pieces from various genres like classic, jazz, and country music. Thus, it’s easy for them to present the best music pieces that suit your program. 

For example, they can play jazz and classical music pieces for a formal business conference. Then, they can prepare upbeat music for informal company parties.

Moreover, some dueling pianists could play other musical instruments like guitars and saxophones to complement the pianos. However, it is better to confirm if your dueling pianists will bring other instruments.

Provide Engaging Entertainment

One of the best advantages of dueling pianists is their ability to provide engaging entertainment.

They will play your requested music pieces, accept guests’ requests, and encourage everyone to sing along. Remember that as they can play different music genres, they can handle requests on the spot.

In addition, dueling pianists don’t focus on only providing music. They can also perform comedic acts and combine their music and comedy skills to present unique performances to give everyone a great laugh. Regular bands cannot offer this type of entertainment for your corporate event.

Keep Things Professional

While entertainment helps make the event lively, it’s still vital for entertainers to stay professional to avoid issues affecting your company. For example, the performers should avoid passing racist and sexist jokes that can conflict with your event’s theme and intentions.

Dueling Pianos For Corporate Events always keep this point in mind as they want your gathering to be successful. They will carefully select appropriate music and comedy skits while considering your company’s ethical standards and event themes.

And they do it without compromising on the quality of entertainment they offer.

Cover Hosting and Announcement Tasks

Aside from providing top-notch music and entertainment, dueling pianists are also professional emcees.

They can serve as your event host and handle your announcements seamlessly. It means you don’t have the task of selecting a host from your employees or hiring a separate emcee for the program.

Affordable but Quality Event Entertainment Option

Price and quality are two significant factors you should balance when organizing a corporate event. You want to spend the least amount without sacrificing great music and entertainment for everyone. After all, potential business partners, investors, and customers could be present, and you want to impress them.

Dueling pianists will help you with that point as they are more affordable than a full music band. You thus receive classy music, engaging performances, fun comedy skits, and seamless hosting at a reasonable price.

How to Hire Dueling Pianos for Corporate Events

Now, here are some quick tips to remember while hiring dueling pianos for your corporate gathering:

  • Begin by knowing the best dueling pianists in your area. You can search online, ask your acquaintances, or call dueling pianists you have seen in other corporate events.
  • Before hiring them, please go through the reviews and feedback about particular dueling pianists. While you can trust your judgment if you have seen them perform live before, you can also read online reviews and consider teams with tons of positive feedback.
  • Next, call the dueling pianists and discuss your corporate event. Tell them your event theme, the company’s ethical standards, the music they could play, and other vital details about your gathering. Also, inform them if you require additional service features like extra musical instruments and hosting tasks.

That’s when you can finalize your booking and let professional performers prepare for your event.

Hire Top-Notch Dueling Pianos For Corporate Events

Book Dueling Pianos For Corporate Events to turn a boring gathering into an enjoyable and successful occasion. They offer great perks and will deliver quality entertainment you can’t get from a regular music band.

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