Why Your Wedding Entertainment Should include Dueling Pianos Show

Wonderful music makes a wedding reception memorable by entertaining you and your guests and enhancing the romantic ambiance. You thus want the best musicians to play on your big day.

However, before finding a music band or a DJ, it’s worth considering Wedding Entertainment with Dueling Pianos instead. They make wedding events truly remarkable with unique music a regular band cannot offer.

Here’s a bit about dueling pianos and the perks they can offer for your wedding reception.

What are Dueling Pianos?

Dueling pianos involve two or more pianists playing simultaneously in one stage.

In the late 1800s, pianists competed against each other to prove who was better at playing the piano. However, dueling pianos evolved during the 1900s, wherein on-stage pianists played simultaneously or alternately to entertain the audience.

Modern dueling pianists also accept song requests from the audience, and they usually incorporate comedic acts in their performances. This makes them unique from regular bands as they know how to impress the audience and gain a positive response.

And that’s what they can offer at your wedding reception.

Reasons to Include Dueling Pianists in Your Wedding Event

reasons to hire dueling pianos for your wedding

Dueling Pianists can Play Almost any Song or Music Piece.

Aside from popular romantic songs, professional dueling pianists can play songs from various music genres like:

  • Contemporary rock
  • R&B
  • Pop
  • Classical music
  • Country music

So, you and your loved one could submit a playlist to the pianists without worrying if they can play your favorite songs or not. They also accept live song requests from your guests to entertain everyone at your wedding reception.

They also Play Other Instruments.

Musicians in Wedding Entertainment With Dueling Pianos are also proficient in playing other instruments like:

  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Trombone
  • Saxophone

This skill gives them an additional advantage to play different music genres wonderfully.

Moreover, the other instruments add more sounds that improve the mood at your wedding reception. For example, they can play the saxophone and piano for your slow dance, later switching to guitars while guests deliver their speeches.

You only have to inform the musicians beforehand if you want additional instruments so they can bring them to your event.

They Play Professional Quality Music

Dueling pianists don’t just play any music you want, but they also ensure each song sounds fantastic. So, you don’t have to worry about some guests complaining about poor music on your special day.

Moreover, they fit their music to suit the moment, like playing romantic Disney songs while you dance with your partner. They can even serve as your ceremony musicians while you march down the aisle. It helps improve the ambiance and make your event memorable.

They May Serve as Your DJ or Emcee

You can also trust dueling pianists to serve as an emcee or DJ at your wedding reception. 

They can bring DJ equipment and play non-piano music to add more modern sounds to the reception. Moreover, they can use their hosting skills and be your master of ceremonies. For example, they can introduce your guest speakers and announce upcoming activities. 

You thus won’t need to hire a separate DJ or emcee.

Dueling Pianists are Impressive Comedians too.

Comedy is always a part of modern dueling pianos because it helps the performers get positive reactions from their audience. Some even have a background or experience in improv or on-the-spot comedy.

As a result, they can deliver fun and enjoyable performances you and your guests will remember.

Unique Showmanship

The best thing about dueling pianos is the uniqueness they deliver in every event.

Considering the above points, you won’t get regular, plain and boring music at your wedding reception. Your musicians will combine musical mastery, impressive comedy, and professional hosting skills for a genuinely entertaining program.

Moreover, they know it’s your and your sweetheart’s big day, so they will make it extraordinary for you.

More Affordable Than Regular Bands

Event packages with dueling pianos are pricier than DJs but are more affordable than a full music band. It’s worth paying for their services as they provide complete entertainment better than a regular band.

And as you won’t need to hire a separate emcee for the wedding, you save on your wedding expenses.

Wedding Entertainment with Dueling Pianos for Your Special Day

You will undoubtedly want the best music that makes your wedding day unique and memorable. Hiring Wedding Entertainment with Dueling Pianos will provide high-quality and entertaining music you want to make your wedding special. 

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