9 Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Keep Your Guests Entertained

You and your sweetheart will love to have a memorable and romantic wedding that highlights the solemnity of the ceremony. However, you also want to fill the day with joy and entertainment for everyone in the reception.

You thus want the best entertainment options that could make your wedding truly enjoyable for you, your sweetheart, and your guests.

Thankfully, there are plenty of choices that could suit different wedding themes and budgets. Here are some options you can consider for your big day.

Remarkable Entertainment Ideas for Your Wedding Day

#1. Video Presentation of Your Love Story

Playing a video presentation of you and your sweetheart’s love story is perfect for entertaining the guests while highlighting the occasion theme. It’s you and your partner’s big day, so everyone will love to know how your story as a couple began.

You can include video clips, photos, and slideshows in the presentation. And blend in your and your loved one’s favorite music and use effects that fit your theme.

#2. Hire a Wedding DJ or Live Band

Music is always a part of any wedding event as it brings out emotions and reduces dull moments. You should thus hire a wedding DJ or a live band to bring quality music to your wedding reception.

These musicians can play songs that you and your guests will love. You can submit a playlist before your big day or let them play requests on the spot.

#3. Dueling Pianos

Wedding Entertainment With Dueling Pianos is another excellent choice to bring fantastic music to your event. You will have two or more grand pianos on stage, and pianists will simultaneously entertain you and your guests. They will also accept song requests, and everyone can sing along while they play.

The thing with dueling pianos is that they incorporate comedy skits into their performance. So, you will get complete entertainment your guests won’t forget.

#4. Games

Be creative when planning games and activities for the occasion. The idea is to prepare games that suit different preferences to entertain all your guests.

You can include classic wedding reception games like trivia tables or shoe games. However, you may also think of unique games for everyone like Jenga or block stacking. You can even prepare board games or video game stations in the venue.

#5. Photo Booths

You can have a photographer take pictures and videos throughout your wedding day. Your guests will love having their photos taken at the event.

Setting up photo booths is an excellent idea to let everyone have selfies that they could keep as souvenirs. This way, they don’t have to disturb the primary photographer for the task.

#6. Alluring Dance Floor

Wedding receptions typically have dance floors, but most guests don’t prefer joining in on the fun. So, it’s better to set up an area that will attract everyone to an enjoyable dance session.

For example, you may set up lights similar to party dance floors, then make the DJ play danceable music. Dueling pianists can also boost your dance sessions as they can play upbeat music and dance with the guests.

#7. Whiskey Bar

Your wedding reception won’t be complete without a whiskey bar in the venue.

Typically, these spots feature vintage decors that highlight the whiskey bottles. Put plenty of flowers and candlesticks on the table to set a romantic ambiance. You can also have a whiskey fountain that will surely impress your guests.

#8. Coffee and Candy Stations

Remember that not everyone loves whiskey and liquors. So, be sure you also have a coffee station for guests who love caffeine. And it’s better to have a few flavors to cater to guests with different tastes.

Don’t forget the kids who will attend your big day. You could have some candy stations loaded with different snacks and sweets.

#9. Fireworks Display

Fireworks can make any event memorable as everyone enjoys watching fireworks displayed in the sky.

So, you could consider having some fireworks on your wedding day for your guests to enjoy. You can light them in secured places before the event or let your guests light some safe firecrackers.

Wedding Entertainment With Dueling Pianos for Everyone to Enjoy on Your Big Day

Your wedding day could become a delightful and unforgettable event with the entertainment options listed above.

However, a Wedding Entertainment With Dueling Pianos is a perfect choice for interactive and complete musical enjoyment. You only need to find top-notch performers and tell them what you expect for your big day.

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